Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Heart Etsy

Whoever invented Etsy deserves a medal and a bucket load of money because it truly is one of the BEST WEBSITES EVER.

I first discovered my beloved wedding dress (which has now had a few turns around the flat while my betrothed has been out. It feels like 'we' are having an affair), and logging on today to peruse bridal head wear, I was blown away by the quality and variety of handmade desirableness. In addition everything is so reasonably priced and the community of crafters and artists so welcoming.

If only I had the crafty touch like my mother, mother-in-law and my sister-in-law to be (whose craft book is due out in bookstores in November). Alas I'm completely uncoordinated; everything I create that requires nimble fingers turns out worse than amateur.
I shall have to content myself with enthusiastic appreciation of other's artistry.

Meanwhile check out The Honeycomb's shop on Etsy for a look at some inspiring headpieces perfect for weddings and summer garden parties (first example above).

Hems and Bustles has some very pretty bridal veils, headbands and fascinators too (second example).

My Mum has suggested I go for a headband with my wedding ensemble and I think that is a pretty sound idea. These are the kind of decisions I thoroughly enjoy making. Choosing a caterer is one I'm completely terrified off, probably because the quotes will induce panic in my heart, and my wallet. Party pies anyone?

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