Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dress of the Week

New York Fashion Week has just finished up, and one of the big stories of the week was a parade to celebrate 50 years of Barbie with models styled like barbie dolls strolling down the red-carpet in gowns from a number of different current designers.

I've always been a big Barbie fan. Much to my boyfriends annoyance I insist on having my beautiful limited edition Barbie - wearing baby blue satin with black velvet trim - displayed in our bedroom. I realise this is super creepy, and I'm too tired now to particularly argue my case, so instead I present you with one of the delightful gowns Barbie wore this week.

I would love to see this gown in a colour other than black, but the structure is superb.

The whole parade is one awesome Barbie inspired outfit after another. You can check the rest out here (,517?Page=2). One of my favourite games as a young girl was having one of my Barbies run a clothing store, and I'd have the other Barbies come in and try clothes on, buy etc. What I wouldn't have given to have some of these outfits!

Also on Vogue UK online at the moment,526) there is a photo gallery of some of the most memorable Oscars dresses ever. There are some fabulous ones there. 'My girlfriend' Cate Blanchett in Dior in 1997 (I was at a party with Cate Blanchett last night, but more on that later ...), Elizabeth Taylor winning for Butterfield 8 in Dior couture in the 60's, Renee Zellweger in vintage Jean Desses, Audrey in Givenchy and much much more. I wonder who is going to wow this year. Only two more sleeps to go until Oscar mayhem. Hurrah!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Celebrity vintage and vintage inspired fabulous ensemble sightings

Rosario Dawson in a vintage looking tea length black dress. Very cute dress, not sure about the footwear or earrings.

Naomi Watts in vintage Thierry Mugler. I wouldn't wear this - I don't have the confidence to pull off the masculine suit look - but Naomi looks super hot. This was taken in Sydney the other night.
I saw Naomi and Liev one day in Bondi last year. It was rather exciting. They were making out in front of the organic fruit & veg store down on Gould Street. Alas they were sans baby that day, as their wee boy (haven't seen a pic of the new one yet) is super cute.
Ok, off topic. Moving on ...

Not sure if Drew's shift is actually 60's or just 60's inspired. Regardless, it is very cute. The print is very Gucci. Does anyone know if it is?

Amercia, the star of Ugly Betty, in a demure and very pretty vintage 50's dress. I love florals and a peplum.
Can I borrow America?

Monday, February 16, 2009

The many shades of Gwyneth

Gwyneth looked absolutely gorgeous in a strapless Versace mini dress at the Grammy's last week. I even loved the grey shiny tights she wore with the dress. She was photographed wearing a cardigan in a similar shade of grey throughout the night (it is winter in the northern hemisphere after all). There were some really great frocks at the Grammys, but Gwyneth stood out from a lot of the others who went a bit too pageant/formal-like. The Grammy's are meant to be the red-carpet where stars get the opportunity to be cutting edge and a bit kooky and rock the more overtly sexy looks which would look over the top at a premiere or film awards night. Gwyneth's outfit perfectly fits the spirit of the Awards while still being very chic.
The outfit that Gwyneth wore to the premiere of her new movie Two Lovers has not received quite the universal praise her Grammy's outfit did. There are a lot of Gwyneth haters out there, and I'm not going to enter into the debate as to whether she is a condescending snob/bad actress/social climbing liar etc etc, however I am willing to put myself on the line and say that, personally, I don't think this outfit is that bad. In fact, I might even love it. Individually each piece is pretty cute. I'm not totally sold on the p/leather but I do love a high waisted short and I've been known to pair them with tights in cooler weather myself. Gwyneth's icy blonde beauty suits shiny metallics, the three quarter-sleeve jacket is great (I'd love one just like it in blue or pink) and the booties are highly covetable too.
I can only conclude that it is the way she has put them all together that has freaked out the majority. The girl has got a great figure and she is working those sexy legs to her best advantage. And at least it isn't boring!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dress of the Week

There was a lot to choose from this week, but seeing as I intend posting about the Grammy's separately when I've got more time on the weekend, I've decided to pick Thandie Newton at the Elle Style Awards in London.

What a pity they chose Sienna as their style icon. I feel like she's been wearing the same variation on a theme for an age.

But Thandie looked beautiful in this rainbow dress. Oh how I love colours! Thandie proves here that if you keep your make-up and hair simple and your accessories minimal, way-out colour can still look elegant and chic.

The designer of this dress is Jonathan Sanders.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Dressed and the almost Best Dressed at the BAFTA's

So the BAFTA's red-carpet - like the SAG's - was a wee bit disappointing. I get that it is cold in London at the moment and apparently it was pouring with rain on the night, but did everyone have to wear dreary black? Boo. I'm hoping for some more colour at the Oscar's, because colour has certainly dominated on the Northern Hemisphere runways for the coming season. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, who were my favourites?

Well Freida Pinto has been copping flak out in the blogosphere for being too safe and prom-like with her frock choices. But to me she is a pretty girl, just breaking into Hollywood, choosing pretty fantasy filling fairy princess dresses. There would be millions of other young girls who would do the same. She is twenty four and she looks lovely, so she gets a commendation from me, even though I'm not falling all over myself gushing at its fabulousness, despite it being my favourite colour - pink - which can often completely blind me to the true attributes of a dress.

I've been really impressed with Marisa Tomei's choices lately but I'm unsure about this dress. I want to like it, because she's taken a risk, and I really like her (her performance in The Wrestler was fantastic), but it does look a bit Joan Collins. And her hair is a bit whack. Your thoughts? I think this dress is one that probably looked better on the red-carpet rather than in photos. Generally I do love some sparkles.
I know Daniel Craig isn't actually wearing a dress but I'm including him because I love his coat and well, who doesn't like to look at photos of Daniel Craig? His fiance looks elegant too.

Emma Watson is a beautiful, beautiful young girl and she looks gorgeous in this dress. It is not an absolute showstopper, but the neckline on this Temperley dress is lovely, and it is very flattering on Emma. She has such beautiful skin and striking brown eyes. In the last couple of years I don't think I've ever seen her look bad. Here is hoping she is a little fashionista in the making.

Kate Winslet joined the throng of actresses wearing black, but in her instance she wears it very, very well. Kate has seemed very samey on the red-carpet this awards season, as though someone (her stylist?) told her she looks fantastic in body-con and that she will always be photographed, and now she has taken it a bit too far. I certainly can't say she has ever looked bad, because her body is hot, but it is getting a little bit obvious.
Having said that, I can't really fault her repetition in this case, as this Zac Posen dress is truly stunning. I love the fishtail and the saucy neckline. And her jewellery and hairstyle add a touch of class.

I LOVE Amy Adams RM dress. Redheads look great in deep primary colours and this almost electric blue is really eye-catching on Amy. I love the small sleeves, deep neck-line and the fishtail - subtly sexy.

Lastly there were two ladies that I know of wearing vintage at the BAFTA's. One was Gemma Arterton in vintage Dior. I like Gemma's dress, but I don't think it was quite dramatic enough for the BAFTA's. The other was Thandie Newtown in a black and gold strapless dress, which probably would have blown-me away if it fit a bit better. I think it is sitting too low on the boobs and the skirt seems a bit short. She does look very Audrey Hepburn though, and that can never be a bad thing. And I will always give props to anyone who chooses vintage for the red-carpet. After all, it is environmentally friendly?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dress of the Week

So after gushing over the Elie Saab couture collection, I was delighted to see actress Mischa Barton wearing a beautiful gown from him at an AIDS Benefit in Paris, held the week of the Paris couture shows. Lots of gorgeous French people, and other celebrities who regularly attend fashion shows, really pulled out all the stops to dress for this function. The photo of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson looking drop-dead cute was taken there too.
I've been dreaming about the colour of Mischa's dress for the last week. I really want some shoes that are this crisp mint green/blue colour. Good luck Louise! I know some other bloggers out there have said that Mischa looks like she has a poesy escaping from her bosom, but I think the floral applique feature is so so pretty. My Mum was a bridesmaid for her sister back in '74 and she wore a turquoise dress with a white and yellow floral applique bodice and I was always fascinated by this dress, which still resides in a cupboard at my Mum's place. It is nice to see something lovely from the 70's making a reappearance in 2009.
Speaking of which, the latest Myer catalogue ( landed in my mail-box today, with a preview of the fashions they are stocking for autumn. I had noticed walking past the mall that some of the autumn stock has already hit the shop floor, looking rather incongruous in the face of the current heatwave. It seems that a lot of the bad trends of the 70's are trying to claw their way back into vogue for the next season, with Myer trying to fool customers that smocks, fringed suede boots and coloured vinyl jackets could look good on the average joe, by sticking Jennifer Hawkins in them. I wish the Pocahontas shoes would just go away and never come back. Ditto shapeless bag dresses. If this is going to be all that the big chains have to offer over the next few months, I guess I'll be sticking with vintage.
PS I've included a photo of Vanessa Paradis at the same event - even though you can barely see her dress - because I LOVE her and I love that she is rocking a (hopefully) faux fur pink jacket and some super cute vintage looking snakeskin shoes. She makes quirky fashion choices but always looks so pretty. What a great pair of legs!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some highlights from the Dior couture show ...

What couture is all about.
Sigh ... I have no words. Galliano is a genius.

Some highlights from the Elie Saab couture show ...

Wearable, etheral, beautiful.
And I love the shoes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some highlights from the Valentino haute couture show ...

I love the back of this dress at the bottom. I would love to see this on someone at the Oscars. Can Cate Blanchett please make an appearance this year. A presenter perhaps, or there to support Benjamin Button?

Some highlights from the Chanel Couture show ...

The Ascot scene in My Fair Lady meets mini-skirts?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some dapper young men ...

For a pleasant change, here are a couple of gorgeous 20-something boys dressed to the nines and looking very sexy.

Jake and his sister Maggie always look hot, and Jake's sense of style seems to be rubbing off on his girlfriend Reese now too, as she has been looking particularly lovely of late. I can't wait until the two of them make their red-carpet debut. It will happen this year, methinks, and I expect the photographers will go wild.

Jake manages to channel Gene Kelly here without looking fey. Well done him.

In Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger's case the roles have been reversed and Diane - who is most definitely a fashion girl - has been giving her good-looking boy Josh some style tips. In this photo he is rocking a cravat with confidence, which is definitely not something many young straight men can do. Diane also looks beautiful in this photo. I believe the dress is Nina Ricci.

Josh and Diane are crazy photogenic. Sigh.