Monday, November 29, 2010

When in Melbourne

I'm sad that it has been a week since my last post, but I've been busy travelling and working, working and travelling. At the moment I'm in Melbourne, hunkered down in my hotel room, hiding from the unseasonably chilly weather. Apart from its changeable weather (and fabulous lane ways) Melbourne is famous for its Spring Racing Carnival and the gorgeous fashions are definitely worth a look see (I think I've posted before that it's a little sad, really, that I'm not a fan of horse racing as apart from anything it is a great excuse to wear real life outfits. And hats). This year the winner of the Myer Fashions on the Field comp at Oaks Day was young Queenslander Jaydee Paino in a reconstructed vintage frock that she bought online from the US for only $18 (!) And yes, that is a horsey print.
The tide has definitely turned towards vintage loving ladies. Just check out models Jess Hart, Georgia Jagger and Jerry Hall in their very retro inspired outfits at the same event. Georgia and Jerry both look ravishing in Vivienne Westwood and Jess' red suit looks like something right out of Jane Sterling from Mad Men's closet.


Penny Dreadful said...

Any event at which you can wear a fabulous hat totally gets the thumbs up from me. I find horse rqacing very dull, but it is a great opportunity to get dressed up and imbibe gin and tonics.

Steph said...

That top picture is just delicious.

Is it just me, or are gapped teeth everywhere lately? Cool.

Wear hats whenever you feel like it. I'm in Queensland. I started wearing all sorts of weird and lovely hats because I decided I didn't care what anyone thought about how I dress- and it's great! For one, no one cares how I dress and I mostly pass without comment. For the other, I get some really lovely compliments from old people.

The best is when a very very old man winks at you. Hehe.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Hey Louise,

It's been such a long time between comments - sorry!! I got married a week ago, 20th November and it was lovely! I had such a great time :) Thanks for all your tips when we met in May (MAY!! It's been that long?).

Would love to catch up again sometime soon, maybe high tea again this time at the qvb with Ellen?

Let me know, I know you are super busy!


Sandie Bizys said...

Hello again -
So good to see stylish vintage outfits awarded by the judges as opposed to the regular stock items from 'major sponsors'.

Last year we had 6 of the 10 finalists in vintage outfits - it has to say something for the class and style of yesteryear.

Enjoy Melbourne Louise, and if the opening has happened, visit 'Mr Kitty', a gorgeous young couple opening a store whom I heard about through my daughters' 'hellosandwich' blog
Sandie xxxx
ps I put my hand up should you want to frock up for the next race season :-)

Sandie Bizys said...

that was Mr Kitly - not Kitty
told you i am technically challenged

Mel said...

Congratulations! I just picked you for an award! I linked you on one of my posts. I like your blog very much. Keep up the great bloggin'. xoxo a-vintage-vixen