Thursday, October 6, 2011

Winning Links

Lucky lady and fellow Aussie blogger Veronica Darling has won the Horrockses Fashion book giveaway. Unlike me Veronica is a whizz on the sewing machine and she blogs all about her brilliant creations. This lady wears almost all homemade, which is about as green as they come. Even if you don't sew though and you just love pretty frocks her blog is well worth following. Hopefully the fab Horrockses designs and prints will give her plenty of creative inspiration.
And speaking of cool blogs, my friend Jessica introduced me to The Hairpin which I now catch up with regularly. You've got to love a site that speaks to intelligent women about some intelligent (and not so intelligent) things. It makes me laugh with loads of aha moments. The other day they uploaded this awesome You Tube clip of a 1950s fashion show of - wait for - swimming caps. Hard to imagine when you watch the Olympics that swimming caps used to be so decorative and fashion forward. I mean, there's even a couple here with in-built fringes! Enjoy.

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