Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Barbie officially turned 50 today and Mattel has managed to mount a tremendously successful publicity and marketing campaign around the event because Barbie has been absolutely everywhere.

Amongst the myriad marketing gumph Mattel has put out there for the birthday - including the fab fashion show I posted about a couple of weeks ago - is this great video which takes a road trip down Barbie memory lane. So many of these Barbies and their homes and cars remind me of my childhood.

Wasn't the original 1959 Barbie awesome? I've been rather obsessing over vintage swimwear of late, and Barbie's eponymous strapless black and white number is rather inspirational. I've been thinking getting a one piece - great for lounging down at Icebergs methinks, which I've been doing more often than not lately as I figure sharks can't get in the pool - all summer, but I haven't found one yet that fits quite right. And though I love the retro styles which offer one a little bit more bottom coverage, I think you have to have a lot of confidence to pull them off. Not because of the flesh baring (because they expose less flesh than your average swimsuit), but more because if you don't have the right panache, you can look a bit of a granny.

But I love the idea of wearing one under shorts, and of having the option of not having my tummy exposed.

I just found this new label Hotel Bondi inspired by my very own Ben Buckler. I rather like their one pieces, and purchasing one might be a nice stepping stone into that territory. Maybe then I'll be brave enough to wear genuine vintage next summer.

But back to Barbie ... Oh, how I lusted after the Barbie with the super long crimped hair back in the 80's. I had almost forgotten all about her.

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