Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Valentino

Did you know that Valentino has five pugs? If you watched the preview of Valentino: The Last Emporer, then you surely do know. Apparently they travel everywhere with him, and this warms the cuckolds of my heart. Oh puggies.

But back to fashion ...

I've been checking out a lot of Valentino retrospectives and did you know he designed Elizabeth Taylor's wedding dress for her eighth wedding to Larry Fortensky.?Rather fittingly (considering that she was definitely no virgin) Elizabeth chose yellow for the ceremony. Love her. And that tan was - scary to think now - all natural.
Jackie Onassis made the name Valentino famous world-wide when she wore one of his designs at her wedding to Aristotle Onassis. Jackie is high up there on my all-time best dressed list. Plus I love her for the rebelliousness of marrying a Greek shipping heir and for being a book editor.

And my BFF Cate B wore Valentino when she won her Oscar in 05. Divine, divine, divine. I was talking bridesmaid dresses today with my friend Lee (I'm a bridesmaid at her forthcoming wedding in October) and I suggested a yellow not dissimilar to this dress as a possible colour, and she quite liked the idea. A shopping expedition is on the agenda though, so early days as yet. Bridesmaid dress shopping is always fraught.

And I've never forgotten the gorgeous vintage Valentino Julia Roberts wore when she won her Best Actress Oscar. I remember watching the back of the dress as she walked up to collect her award and sighing. One of the most memorable Oscar dresses for me.

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