Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vintage Heaven

Is not the place virtuous old dresses go to die; it can actually be found right here on earth and soon it will be found in my very own closet.

I had been collecting images of wedding dresses past and present (mainly past) for inspiration for my own wedding dress, which I planned to have made from scratch, when I came across the perfect dress. After a night of vivid dreams involving me wearing this very dress - and not just some incarnation of it - I decided that my sub conscious would never let me rest if some other woman ended up hanging this beautiful gown in her closet. So I bought it.

Thus my wedding dress shopping is complete with 9 months to go to until the big day and for a fraction of the cost of having a dress made + it is guaranteed I'm not going to look like any of the ladies you see in Cosmo Bride.

Obviously I can't give away too much at this early stage except to say it is white and wedding-y without being too much so, features an accent colour, has no lace (very surprising) and is a vintage Ceil Chapman from the 1950's. The dress is well over 50, so I've definitely got "something old" covered.
Meanwhile I wanted to give a big wrap for the vintage seller I purchased the dress from as not only have they been tremendously helpful and professional their range is AMAZING. They are Timeless Vixen , based in LA, and here is a small selection of some of my favourites that are available on their website now.
Gorgeous novelty print which will take you to India, Britain and more.

Perfect for a summer garden party.

I had to show the distinctive back of this colourful circle dress.


Stunning floral appliques and draping on this 1950's couture frock, this would be ideal for a summer wedding.

A mod 1960's white leather purse that doubles as a phone! This is dead stock too - a serious collectors item.

This beautiful embroidered halter neck would be a knock-out wedding dress on someone slim and statuesque.
1960's Courreges rainbow wool coat; a great statement piece and warm to boot.
As well as the selection on their website Timeless Vixen also uploads items weekly to Ebay where you can grab collectible and wearable pieces for a steal.
The Aussie/US exchange rate is very favourable right now ... just saying ...

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