Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ballgown of the Week

I think I'm forming a girl crush on actress Carey Mulligan. She was simply brilliant in An Education and all her sartorial choices since she's hit the spotlight have had me swooning. Not to mention that I always love a girl that can rock a pixie hair-cut.
And while I realise that this gorgeous ballgown - worn on the set of the Wall Street sequel, which she is currently filming - was no doubt picked out and/or designed by the costume department, Carey is most definitely wearing it well.

The bejewelled bodice and layers and layers of dark tulle are heaven in a dress, and this image got me thinking about tulle dresses in general. Tulle makes me think of 1950's prom dresses a la Grease, with swathes of pastel fabric that ooze innocence and new beginnings. But I think tulle, which will never be anything but girly, can also be sophisticated too. See exhibit A, in this classic fashion editorial from the 1950's.

And remember Carrie Bradshaw's tulle wonder in Series 6 of Sex and the City? This gown was Versace I believe, and had me falling off my chair when I first watched this Episode. God knows how she was meant to fall asleep in it!

And SJP in real-life looked stunning at this year's Ocars in this Dior Haute Couture gown with fitted bodice and tulle skirt. Love this colour.

And proving that the tulle loving lady can be both a sophisticate and an ingenue, feast your eyes on the details from these genuine 1950's Christian Dior gowns which can you buy now over at The Frock.
Tulle and lace and that ever popular shade of baby pink, most definitely equals vintage perfection.


Anonymous said...

oh, if I only had an occasion to wear a gorgeous dress such as these for... I absolutely love the picture of Carey - the pose is too charming!

Blondie said...

Gorgeous ballgown in the first pic! Thanks for stopping by to comment on my Christina Aguilera post doll. Hope you have a great night. Kori xoxo