Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Snaps

I'm briefly back in Sydney after 10 days staying at my folks place up North. Next stop is down south to visit the father-in-law to be, and apparently the betrothed plans on taking me to a rodeo for New Year's Eve. That should be an interesting adventure for an avowed city mouse like me. Can anyone help me with an idea of what to wear?
Meanwhile here are a couple of my holiday snaps. My parents have the world's smallest Christmas tree and Santa hadn't arrived as yet when this photo was taken, but you get a good look at one of my new 'old' dresses; a 1950's cocktail frock with a matching sleeveless jacket that buttons up the back. No label, so likely it was handmade. Thanks Coco Repose! You also get a good look at the Vermeer print which I picked up for my Mum at the Mauritshaus in The Hague last year. I didn't realise it was so huge when I bought it. The real Girl with a Pearl Earring is about a quarter of the size!
I also couldn't resist including a shot of me on the beach on Christmas Day with my beloved pug Elsie. Up until Christmas the weather was sparkling and I got in a swim and sun bake every day. Then the weather turned overcast and stormy, probably giving my poor skin cells a much needed break, but even on stormy days, the beaches near where my parents live are stunning. And Elsie always has fun, no matter what the weather.


Blondie said...

Great photo honey! Hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas. Kori xoxo

BaronessVonVintage said...

oh how I long to be on a beach getting some colour right now! Anyway, you are just gorgeous, and I love that Vermeer! As for what to wear to a rodeo....Jitterbug Doll is a blogger who has perfected the vintage Grand Ole Opry cowgirl look, in my opinion. Her blog is called Call of the Jitterbug doll or something like that, so if you googled it I bet you'd get some good ideas! I'm from Alberta, Canada, which is a major rural prairie cowboy/girl can never go wrong with denim, but if it's too hot, something in a nice cotton gingham or white eyelet? ;)

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love that gorgeous blue green dress! So pretty. And honey, you asked the right girl about the rodeo. They are not my fave event, but as I was born in TEXAS CITY I have attended my fair share of rodeos. Anything goes, but if you have some leather or denim in the closet it's a great start. And in Texas that goes with big and flashy stones of some sort- any color. I can't wait to see your pics.
;)Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Bug said...

Eeee!!! Love your holiday dress. The pics of your puppy, too cute. I would love to spend the holidays on the beach. Have a great New Years!

Louise said...

Thanks for the tips ladies. I have a fitted 1970's denim dress - might sound yuk, but it is awesome - that might work a trick. Or if it is cooler, I was thinking jeans and a fitted top with a little bit of frill or lace. Happy New Year!