Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Style Stayers in 2009

Of course best dressed lists are completely subjective, and one person's Alexa Chung is anothers Carla Bruni, but that hasn't stopped me having a super fun time coming up with my own top ten. I've picked those ladies whose style has consistently impressed me this year. Some celebs have had amazing red-carpet moments coupled with some serious shockers, so I've tended to eschew them (e.g. Eva Mendes, Marisa Tomei and Anne Hathaway) for those ladies who rarely put a put wrong, both day and night. I've included only photos that I haven't posted before.

Michelle Obama's look is innovative and colourful. There is a whole site devoted to chronicling this oft photographed style-meister, and a quick stroll through will confirm this online devotion is warranted. Her evening-wear is always elegant but youthful and the lady has a phenomenal collection of beautifully tailored, vibrant coats. I'd be happy to spend a day hanging out in her White House closet.

Cate Blanchett appeared on a couple of worst dressed lists again this year. Who is responsible for this madness! Cate's bold crocheted dress - which I blogged about here - seems to have blinded them to the perfection of all her other fashion choices this year. Because Cate is living in Sydney now and concentrating on theatre rather than film, she hasn't made as many red-carpet appearances as usual, but when she is snapped at events, or candidly on the street, she always looks impeccably groomed, lady-like and stylish. For my Cate, dressing is an art-form.

French actress Marion Cotillard benefits from a contract with Dior, but I'm still convinced that Marion's effortless glamour is very much her own. I couldn't find one appearance in 2009 where Marion looked anything but perfect and crazy pretty. So French, so chic.

Sarah-Jessica Parker continues to elicit fashion envy whenever she steps out her front door. She's adventurous while still remaining beautiful and her ability to accessorise is second to none. I might not want to wear everything she does, but I love her wearing it. While I'm not particularly excited about the SATC sequel, I am very excited about SJP's hitting the promo trail in 2010. Bring on more gorgeous head-wear, statement shoes and cute little party frocks please!

While I remain a little bemused by the level of fame Dita has achieved for taking off her clothes and marrying a musician of questionable morality and talent, I can't deny that the lady wears the socks off couture and vintage. Harking back to the glamorous film stars of the Golden Years of Hollywood, the lovely Dita is always 'on' and seems to love fashion body and soul. Her wardrobe is one I'd seriously be happy to inherit.

Thandie Newton loves vintage and colour so she is definitely a woman after my own heart. Feminine and fine without being too frilly, I'm always interested to see what this stunning actress is wearing.

Natalia has the advantage of being a supermodel, and one of the most naturally beautiful at that, but she eschews the usual model off duty uniform of band tees and denim for a romantic and feminine wardrobe that includes a whole lot of vintage. Gorgeous.

Everyone knows I love Diane Kruger. Muse to Karl Lagerfield, Diane styles herself, and never fails to impress whether she is wearing a statement making ball-gown, sexy cocktail frock or she is off duty in jeans and blouse. A real fashion original who just happens to have access to the best of the best ... although I'd love to see her in some vintage.

Carey Mulligan's acting chops have been seriously hyped this year, but her sartorial choices have impressed as well. Unlike other young starlets, Carey has realised that baring flesh isn't always best and has picked elegant but edgy ensembles that seriously flatter. Love her cute pixie haircut too.

And finally Ms Nicole Richie. While Nicole's style might not be my own, the way she works her luxe hippie chic consistently impresses. She was pregnant for much of this year and never looked less than glamorous. I give her big snaps for not being afraid to wear loud patterns, for working so much vintage into her wardrobe, and for having lots of fun with cute accessories too. This girl has come a seriously long way this past decade.

Thanks to Red Carpet-Fashion Awards, Just Jared and Mrs-O for some of the pics, and now feel free to shout me down in flames or tell me who your favourites where this year.


anna and the ring said...

Oh what a list of fabulous ladies. I would include Anna Friel. I have a serious crush on her wardrobe. Exquisite.

Louise said...

Thanks for the comment. If I hadn't have written up a big post on Anna a few weeks ago, I definitely would have included her too. Her vintage style is eclectic and always gorgeous.