Sunday, February 14, 2010

A vintage cocktail party and a new purchase

The Sydney Antique Centre's vintage clothing concession threw a lovely little Valentines Day soiree for their loyal customers today. Apparently staff were up until 2am creating the luscious treats on offer, including shortbread with berries and cream and delicious chocolate brownies.
The vintage clothing section at the Centre was launched only a few months ago and provides retro living guys and gals with a whole little "street" of vintage wares from a number of collectors. I've been very restrained this summer and have bought little new (old) clothes or new (new) clothes, come to think of it. But bolstered by yummy treats and egged on by fellow frock lovers, I tried on a few pieces and eventually bought this 1960s shift. It features a very pale pastel print, a low V-neck back and pretty bow features on the sleeves. It is also in great nick and comes with its original belt. I think it's the perfect little frock for the office.

Concession holder Lou Murray Vintage offers wonderful cocktail and evening frocks, including the ones shown here, + a great selection of coats for the coming winter. The lovely Amanda from Coco Repose tried on a to die for 60s swing coat that would be perfect for jumping in and out a convertible.

Grant from Libertine Jewels has an impressive selection of sparkly bits and one-of-a-kind bags,
including a highly collectible Enid Collins wooden box purse.

And the Coco Repose girls keep a concession in the Centre that is delightfully colour coordinated and packed with feminine and frilly goodies. They have a fantastic 1950s Mexican circle skirt on their rack at the moment, but alas it didn't quite fit and my pile of "to be altered" items almost needs its own wardrobe.
If you are feeling low between Vintage Fair fixes, the Sydney Antiques Centre offers a mini version that can easily tide you over. Perhaps just leave the credit card at home.


Camelia Crinoline said...

Lovely dress. The shoulder bows are so cute. The dress hanging off the mirror in the store is gorgeous too.

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

What a sweet little dress! You look adorable in it!

Happy Valentine's Day darling!!

E. Driscoll said...

I love that sheath dress! Now I really feel like going shopping...

Val Zdero said...

such a great blog you have going here - so glad I found you through Kori's blog - have a great day!