Thursday, September 16, 2010

Frock of the Week: Cate the Great

Even though Cate hasn't quite realised yet that we are destined to be bosom friends, I do know that she is a woman who loves what is beautiful as opposed to what is in 'fashion'. The proof was in the pudding yesterday when she wore this archival Christian Lacroix haute couture gown as sourced by those purveyors of fine vintage at Decades. According to the Decades blog, Cate is wearing the dress back to front. I hope we will see some 360 degree images soon so I can marvel further at Cate's ingenuity.
If you are going to tell me that she is horrible in real life, I'm afraid I won't be able to listen. In the two times I've shared a room with her, she seemed to radiate perfection (but oh, how love can be blind sometimes).
Cate was in Beijing for an SK-II gig. After seeing her luminous skin in real life, I could almost invest in some of their products, but I suspect she was likely born beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I heart Cate so much.

PS. I think there's some multi-perspective shots of the dress over at Decades:

Wild Tea Party said...

Cate is perfect. My mum has met her and agreed that she's just pure perfection to be around.

And that dress is so uber wonderful...

Hope you're doing well Louise :)

vintage_belle said...

I love Cate too. Her red carpet outfits always stand out. What you said is so true, she is a woman who loves what is beautiful as opposed to what is in 'fashion'. She doesn't have to follow trends.