Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dita's Off-Duty Style

Dita favours Elie Saab and Christian Dior couture for her red-carpet appearances but I think it is in her everday style where her real personality shines through. Can you have an 'everday' style when your job is to be stylish every single day? Perhap not. I have noticed, however, that she is either looking particularly cute of late, or getting papped a lot.
She shopped at an LA flea market in vintage and she embraced colour, and all purpose wedges, for the Coachella Music Festival. Pairing one of Dior's South Pacific inspired dresses with a sailors cap provides a lovely finishing touch and suddenly I"m flooded with memories of my own sailors cap that I wore obsessively for months on end when I was 11.
PS Her boyfriend is a little bit handsome. Lucky lady.

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Ashley said...

I love Dita in any incarnation! But how unexpected was her Coachella outfit? I just had to try to describe it to someone the other day, but I think seeing is believing in this case:)