Monday, June 13, 2011

Frock of the Week: Teen Dream

13-year-old Elle Fanning looked so pretty in vintage at the premiere for her new film Super 8 the other day. The look is very sparkly Virgin Suicides and I love the Chloe wedges she (or her stylist) paired with the dress. The outfit is quite fitting as Super 8 is set in the 70s. I saw the preview the other day and thought it looked reminiscent of ET. Has anyone seen it yet?
Elle is doing a great job of dressing her age and being uniquely stylish too. I loved the cute Dolce & Gabbana play suit that she wore to the MTV Movie Awards too. Pretty in pink with an on-trend skinny belt to match? Just lovely.
Pics like this kind of make me wish I had a daughter so that I could shop for her (not a good reason to have said daughter, I know).
Oh well, maybe one day.


Nick said...

Yes it is wonderful having a daughter who loves vintage...but the downside is that said daughters usually like YOUR vintage as well, and it disappears from your wardrobe regularly. Thas said, Dakotassister is just gorgous in her choices isn't she! I want to be that kid! I adored that little play suit. If she keeps away from the drugs se will be bigger than Angelina, no not stylish enough, Chloe Svengny(?)

Dulcie said...

She does look very stylish and very elegant but a little voice within me is screaming 'she's a child!'. When I was thirteen I was playing in the garden in jeans and a t-shirt. I know she's an actress and is involved in an extremely glamourous industry but I just feel like children shouldn't feel pressure to be chic. x

Laurel said...

Elle Fanning is lovely. I saw Super 8 last week and I wasn't sure whether I would like it but I actually really did - it is kind of ET meets Goonies meets Stand By Me meets Alien. I think the children in it are just amazing x

Louise said...

You've sold me Lauren. I need to see it.
And yes, I do agree with you Dulcie. Despite my childhood Shirley Temple obsession, there is something icky about child stars. Having said that, her big sister seems reasonably well adjusted for someone who has grown up in the public eye. Let's hope Elle remains stable too.