Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Midi Can Be Mightly Lovely

I like the floor skimming maxi skirts that are back in vogue right now, but unfortunately I'm not the right height to wear them. I can, however, wear a knee to calf grazing midi skirt and this pic of Keira Knightley strolling around LA with her boyfriend had me wanting to pull out all of mine and pair them with a crisp white shirt. There's something eternally chic about a fulsome skirt in a bright colour or vibrant print cinched with a belt and paired with a tight top. Dovima and Ava Gardner (in Mogambo) demonstrate how to work the look in summer with a sleek halterneck or off-the-shoulder top. A cropped knit works well for winter.

As an aside I watched Mogambo recently and Ava was absolutely mesmerising in it. She lit up the screen as the cheeky girl with a heart of gold and her beauty was breathtaking. The scenery was great too, but those two elements were the best part of the film. I found Clark Gable and Grace Kelly's romance kind of lacklustre, which is funny considering that they were having a real-life affair while filming.
Photo credits BD/Flynetpictures & Conde Nast Archive/CORBIS.

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what are they wearing now said...

Oh for a break from the ubiquitous mini. Love the longer skirts but proportion is a must.