Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marilyn Monroe

Further to my last post here is a selection of favourite shots of Marilyn taken in 1962. She was slim, luminous and chic in that last year of her life (let's not debate here what her actual state-of-mind may have been). 1962 was the year that she was hired, fired and then hired again on the film Somethings Got to Give (images 1 & 7) and that she left New York and memories of Arthur Miller behind to buy her own house in Brentwood, LA. That year she sang happy birthday for the US President, vowed to push Elizabeth Taylor from the cover of all the tabloids, posed for Bert Stern for the famous last sitting (image 6) and began working on an autobiography with photographer George Barris (images 2, 3, 4 & 5)
Last night I went out with a few girlfriends to see My Week With Marilyn and I thought Michelle Williams was amazingly good. I haven't seen Meryl in The Iron Lady yet, but surely her performance is deserved of an Oscar? Just like Marilyn, I couldn't take my eyes off her.


khristie B said...

Ah, I just love her. I can't wait to see the movie.

Wild Tea Party said...

Marilyn really is a heart breaking figure, isn't she? To me, she always looked so lonely, even with all the adoration. But perhaps that's me viewing her in hindsight.