Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Claire McCardell Summer

You've probably noticed that I post about summer clothes a LOT. That's because I'm a sun baby who lives for the heat on my skin. I like spring and autumn too but the only saving grace about winter is that there is another summer just a few months around the corner. Oh, and I celebrate my birthday.
So as I wish this winter away and dream of my next summer, here are a few classic Claire McCardell pieces to help set the mood. The great American sportswear designer was renowned for her bathing suits and her revealing sundresses that wouldn't look out of place on summer holiday today. You know what is missing from these pictures though? Sunglasses. 


Leah said...

No prob! I've been to a few other nice hotels in that area as well if you need any more recs for your trip (and there are tons of fab vintage stores too)

Love that stripey number!! Wish I wore that on my trip ;)


iamyoursforever said...

nice xx :))

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