Saturday, July 31, 2010

Frock of the Week: Green with Envy

I haven't actually posted a frock of the week for a while because, since those joyous couple of weeks of SATC 2 promo outfits, I've been thoroughly uninspired by what I've seen celebrities wearing. I'm considering changing the feature to a once a month one instead of once a week until the stars give up on their elaborately folded napkin like mini dresses in favour of the ladylike trend exhibited with such aplomb here.
Nicole Kidman looks gorgeous now that she has returned to her natural hue and red heads always look lovely in green. This frock is one of Prada's 50's inspired summer dresses.
While I was working in my hotel room yesterday I had the television on low volume in the background for the news updates and suddenly the film Cold Mountain came on. It reminded me of what an amazing book that was; definitely one to revisit. It was a pity the film didn't quite live up to it's inspiration, but both Nicole and Jude Law looked very pretty indeed.