Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tropical Isle Novelty Prints

My crush on vintage Hawaiian inspired prints continues unabated, so I was a little bit excited to find these frocks on Miss Mucho's E-bay store. From the 40s and 50s the auctions for these to die for numbers are about to end, and because they are so unique and so collectible, I expect they'll go for a pretty penny.

I love the painterly print on the halterneck above.

And this strapless sarong frock below looks like a souvenir from a tropical island holiday. A nice way, perhaps, to remember days filled with sunshine and languor.

This cute play-set is available from Miss Mucho's etsy store and mixes in a musical score with its hula girls.

My dear friend Jess - a regular blog reader, well aware of my obsession - recently picked up an Hawaiian novelty print dress at the Rozelle Markets for me. While all the prints above are on cotton or rayon, this dress is silk (!) and is covered with gorgeous Aloha's and little Hawaiian scenes, including Kings and Queens, maps of the islands, and the sexy Hula girl featured here.
Isn't that a thoughtful gift?

An even more recent gift was this Sulu from Navini Island in Fiji where the hubby and I just enjoyed the most relaxing holiday ever. A sulu is like a sarong worn by men and women alike, but especially on lovo feast night (lovo is where meat and vegetables are buried in the earth and cooked under hot coals). The prints are all different, but are generally inspired by the beautiful flora of the islands. I think mine is very pretty indeed.

And I promise I won't go on about my holiday anymore (believe me, the serenity has been completely obliterated now. I just spent my Sunday afternoon at the office), but here is a pic of the view from the dining room at Navini. This is a view I could never get tired of.


The Collar of the Dove said...

hope you greatly enjoyed your holiday here!:)

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Those are some wonderful novelty prints! Love that first one.