Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Style Crush: Liberty Love

I was reading UK Elle on a plane the other day and I couldn't tear my eyes away from this lovely lady featured in 'Show Me Your Wardrobe.'
Ruth is the online editor for Liberty. When she was asked 'what is in a Liberty girl's wardrobe' she replied 'lots and lots of florals.' No wonder I think she is such a rockin' style maven.
You can check Ruth's blog out here and the Show Me Your Wardrobe blog over here.


E. Driscoll said...

I can understand why you were looking so intently - she has the sweetest style.

(Thanks for the + comment on my 60s outfit - I am feeling a little bit inspired to do a few more....)

Bug said...

I love it! Sometimes I can't tear myself away from pretty style. I like to try and find the secret behind their magical looks.