Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Wear

This weekend has been a varied and busy one: my parents and puppy came to stay, we visited my brother & family and had a tour of their new house & we watched with increasing bemusement as the Federal election that wasn't really an election unfolded.
But somewhere in there the hubby and I managed to enjoy a bite to eat at one of my favourite spots in Mosman, overlooking the harbour towards Watsons Bay. Despite all my cities problems - and it has a few - on a clear day like the one we had on Saturday, my love affair with it can't help but be energised.
Sandie over at Sandie Bizy's in Annandale is currently in the midst of a sale, with only one week to go. I picked up this lolly pink 1960s sweater last week and I took it for a spin to lunch on Saturday. It is great worn open with a cute frock too. Perfect for spring which is, thankfully, just around the corner.
Sandie also has her own blog going, where you can check out her latest vintage arrivals and her millinery masterpieces. Worth checking out.

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The Countess said...

Oh GORGEOUS color - its looks perfect on you! What a great find :)