Monday, January 10, 2011

A little bit of 60s glamour

Periodically I'll start obsessing over a particular style of clothing or accessory and over the last couple of months that obsession had been brocade 60s party dresses. I even told my friend Helen that I would attend her New Years Eve do only on the proviso that she allow me to get dressed up in one, although I didn't yet own one!
Lucky for me on the day before New Years Eve I popped into Grandma Takes a Trip and spotted this lovely repro 1960s shift from their Altered State label, made from a gorgeous vintage fabric threaded with gold. Best of all their seamstress who works on site was able to alter it for me so that it fit to a tee. I was pleased because, despite my obsession, my pear shaped figure has prevented me owning many shift dresses in the past.
This is my friend Liana and I on our way out to Helen's party (her boyfriend proposed to her at midnight and she said yes!) and below you can check out the back of the dress, with sexy cut out detail and cute faux pearl buttons.


Marta G. (A Bilingual Baby) said...

What a beautiful dress!

what are they wearing now said...

Fabulous dress Louise. A-line shift shapes are perfect for a pear-shaped figure (having one myself).

Leah said...

Very cute, and you're lucky you can get away with something that short!

And yes I do believe I knew that we share a Liz obsession.. I swear every new bit of info I find out about her impresses me more and more..

Wild Tea Party said...

Love that dress! You look hot! Which Grandma Takes a Trip did you pop into?