Friday, May 27, 2011

Designer Profile: Philip Hulitar

I saw this gorgeous cocktail frock pop up for sale over at Shrimpton Couture (some wise lady has already snapped it up) and it reminded me that I had intended on profiling Greek/American designer Philip Hulitar for quite some time. I don't think I've stumbled upon a piece of his that I haven't fallen a little bit in love with, and I think the proof here is in the hip swag and the blossoms (some of which have been appliqued onto the fabric).

According to the Vintage Fashion Guild Philip Hulitar was the custom designer of evening, wedding and maternity attire for Bergdorf Goodman from 1935. In 1949 he launched his own label and he was known for his sophisticated but sexy designs, which are highly collectible now. In 1964 he retired from fashion but still led a very public and full life as a building preservationist and patron of the arts. He passed away in 1992 and you can read more about him over at this New York Times obituary here.
I love his designs because they are pretty and colourful and glamorous without being too girly or frou frou. I think people should wear what they feel comfortable in regardless of age (except jeggings, which should NEVER be worn, EVER), but as I get older, I have noticed that my tastes change and that I don't feel comfortable in some of the particularly cutesy items that used to appeal.
I would desire, however, to wear any and all of these Philip Hulitar dresses.

This cocktail dress from Posh Girl Vintage has been sold to a lucky princess. I love the appliqued leaves and that pinky shade of mauve on the bodice.

And if I sold my car I might be able to buy these three frocks right now.
You can check them out for yourself over at Enoki World, Vintage Textile and Torso Vintages.


v said...

wow, love the fashion sketches.. beautiful!

Leslie said...

Wow - what wonderful colors and style. I have a Philip Hulitar, black cocktail with a bolero. I appreciate the beautiful construction even more now after looking at your site. Where does one go to sell such an item?