Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The final result of the Cleo photoshoot ...

My darling Mum kindly sent me this scanned copy of the Cleo article and photo-shoot about 'what my wardrobe says about me' which is out now in this month's issue.

I still haven't gotten around to working out how to use the whizz bang copier/printer/scanner my boyfriend bought a couple of months ago. Oops.

I look so different from day-to-day Lou in this photo because of the huge amounts of eye make-up that was plastered on me. I am a minimal make-up kind of girl and now I know why as it took about three days to remove all the black gunk, plus it kept getting stuck under my contact lenses. However I did like the orange lippy she used and I might try and pick up something similar at some stage.

My boyfriends comment: they put you in an outfit that you would wear around the house on the weekend. Bless him.

The girl in the pretty floral vintage dress (not dissimilar to one I own which I bought in New York three years ago) was shot first, and because she was shot in a vintage dress the art director really didn't want me to wear a dress and definitely didn't want me to wear vintage. It made life a little difficult seeing as well over half my wardrobe is vintage. The top in this shot isn't even mine! It was an emergency ring in from the fashion dept (although at least I got to check it out. I wish I got to throw around designer clothes that carelessly).
She also wouldn't let me wear jewellery or a belt, so the outfit isn't a true reflection of what my wardrobe says about me. But she was approaching the shoot from an art directors perspective, not a fashion directors. There was no stylist there - just the art director, the photographer (who was lovely) and me. I did feel a little bit like a Top Model contestant - albeit an elderly one with womanly hips.

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Anonymous said...

THANKYOU for putting in that comment about the nonsense pedalled in the magazine. For a magazine that is supposed to embrace feminism, it sure has some contradictory articles at times...for instance, in every issue...It was a great outfit, though! I especially love the shoes.