Monday, January 26, 2009

Best Dressed at the SAG Awards

I love awards season and all the opportunities it offers to critique and admire expensive gowns. Unfortunately most of the fashions at the SAG Awards this year were pretty blah. In the spirit of celebrating the dopeness, rather than focusing on the wackness, I've included above some of the lovely gowns which I did like.
The trends on the SAG red-carpet were blues, white dresses and halter-necks. As far as white gowns go, my favourite was Anne Hathaway's white Azzedine Alaia dress. It reminds me of the pink sixties shift dress I picked up from the Vintage Clothing Shop a couple of months ago with the embellished neckline and waist. She looked really pretty.
Kyra Sedgwick is the only actress I could see that wore vintage to the Awards. Her dress is early 80's Chanel and she looks very classy. Snaps to her for wearing something pre-loved.
Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire fame (how great was that movie??) worked the blue trend really well in a vintage-like gown which is actually Marchesa. This dress reminds me of a 50's Jean Desses draped couture gown. In fact, you could say it is a complete rip-off, right down to the lovely blue colour. It is also very similar to the white evening gown Grace Kelly wears in To Catch a Thief. Regardless, she looks so, so pretty. And I was happy to hear the cast, who are all relative unknowns, won best ensemble in a motion picture.
Evan Rachel Wood, in a teal Monique Lhuillier dress, is definitely my favourite of the evening. Evan just missed out on making my best-dressed list for the Golden Globes where she wore a black tiered dress with a plunging neckline. You can check it out here:,0,85. I'm glad to see she is a little less Gothic here and is slowly shaking off the taint of Marilyn Manson (I'm not sure if they are still together, but I suspect not). This is Hollywood glamour with a twist. I love how she has accessorised with an antique brooch and the purple shoes and clutch complement the colour of the dress so well. What a pity that she is wearing so much make-up though. She is so beautiful, and so young, it would be nice to see her face looking a bit softer.
And finally I suspect that some haters will dismiss Marisa Tomei's Elie Saab dress but I think it is gorgeously romantic and as you know I LOVE yellow and anything with a defined waist. The frill which continues right down her back cinches this one for me as a highlight of the evening.
And although I don't want to harp on about all the truly awful dresses that had outings last night, there are a couple of people that I want to mention. One is Angelina Jolie who as far as I could tell wore a dress almost identical to the one she wore to the Globes apart from the colour. It also looked like she was wearing the dress back to front! Her lack of effort really doesn't bother me that much (she sells herself as an artiste and humanitarian after all), but if I see any online or print commentators gushing over her gorgeousness and fashion forwardness tomorrow, I may want to squeal.
And I hope I never have to mention Eva Longoria again on my blog, because I truly have no idea why she is so famous, but seriously WHAT WAS SHE WEARING?? Her dress had some weird sheer thing going on at the top, as though her boobs weren't enough to hold it up, it had frills all over the place, but in a bad way, and her hair looked like it belonged on a mother-of-the-bride. If you don't mind burning your retinas, you can see it here:
Pop Sugar is always good for timely red-carpet rundowns.
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Pushkar said...


you have a keen sense of writing..liked the way you use your words..what publisher do you work for?

Lydia said...

Dear Louise,
After reading your page in CLEO, i knew I had to check your blog out.
You comment on fashion with such expertise and passion, I could be fooled into believing that YOU are the designer of the garments you choose to comment on.
What I am also interested in, however, is your career path. Not to pry or anything like that, it's just that I am in year 12 and am lost as to what direction I'm headed in after school. Publishing, though, sounds really exciting.
What course/degree/pathways did you undergo to get to where you are now? Any advice on being a publicist, or what sorts of duties you have in your day-to-day role would be much appreciated.
I'm now very fond of your blog and I'm sure to check it out when I need my 'fashion fix'. So if you come across some free time to reply, I'd love to hear your thoughts.