Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stylish Seniors

There are two lovely older ladies - I would guess in their 70's - who look like identical twins to me whom I often see when I'm walking to and from Bondi Junction. Whenever I see them they look super stylish, dressed in not matching but complementary outfits of floral dresses or skirt suits and considered accessories too of sensible but nice shoes and attractive bags.

I love whenever I spot them. They always look like they are on their way to somewhere 'special' and the fact that they are definitely sisters, if not twins, makes them cute as button. I'd love to take a photo of them someday, but I'd be too embarrassed to ask.

And speaking of stylish seniors (I was going to say groovy grannies, but now that my Mum is granny and I don't consider who to be elderly AT ALL, I didn't think that was quite the right expression), there is a fantastic blog called which posts pics of dashing seniors, mostly out and about in New York, but they do accept submissions from all around the world. This site is proof that age should not weary you if you've got an eye for style. And that you can never be too old to work a unique outfit - as long as you've got the confidence to pull it off.

I also love how happy most of the models look in these photos. Better than the glum 20-something poseurs you see in a lot of street style blogs.

Photo courtesy of Advanced Style. Love the Chanel bag!

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