Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dress of the Week

I was about to give up on frock of the week altogether (for this week only, of course) when I spotted Leslie Mann in this vintage like Oscar de la Renta number from his current Resort collection. This dress is so Mad Men ... I just love it.
Whenever I spot Leslie out and about she always looks fresh and cute and she is so, so funny. Watching the scene in Knocked Up where she has the fight with the bouncer outside the club, I laughed so hard I almost cracked my face.
The whole Oscar de la Renta resort collection is pretty spectacular. It is a little bit Coco Chanel, has a twist of nautical and is a whole lot of pared back prettiness. You can check it out on his website. It will only knock you back about US$3,000 for a dress ... the cost of getting my laser eye surgery or the catering for my wedding (I'm laughing right now).
Thank goodness for vintage and knock-offs.

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whataretheywearingnow said...

Hi Lousie,
Lovely dress. Keep the dress of the week coming. Thank you very much for the positive feedback. I have also been enjoying your blog as I love books too.
I have added your blog as one I am following.
Keep up the good work.