Saturday, August 29, 2009

(Wedding) Dress of the Week

My pick for frock of the week is model and fashion designer Milla Jovovich's stunning wedding dress. Who Magazine - the Australian incarnation of US People mag) - has the the official wedding pics of Milla and film director Paul W.S. Anderson's do. According to them the dress is Temperley London and they describe the fabric as "a white crepe de Chine with silk satin lining". Her veil was "cream tulle with hand stitched bugle beads."

The dress oozes effortless 1930's gorgeousness and I adore the open keyhole back and the bead work on the bust line. Along with the hair and the gorgeous bouquet, she looks a bit like a fairy princess who has just stepped out of an Edwardian children's book. This is totally not my look (these unforgiving 1930's style dresses don't do much for my figure), but I can appreciate how perfect it is on Milla.

Wedding dress talk provides a nice segue into bridesmaid dresses. After initially declaring we would forgo attendants at our wedding (mainly to save our friends the cost), the betrothed and I changed our minds and have selected a best man and matron of honour. My oldest and dearest friend Rebecca (I was bridesmaid for her five years ago) has kindly agreed to be my right hand lady. The bridesmaid dress shopping process was completely pain free and we picked up a beautiful dress for her yesterday at Sandie Bizy's studio in Annandale.

I know I just gave Sandie a big wrap on my Queens of Vintage story about Sydney's best vintage hot spots, but going there again yesterday I was reminded of how truly amazing her selection is. There is literally no filler in her store; each piece is one-of-a-kind lovely. Am I odd that spending time amongst all those beautiful dresses and items of jewellery and inspirational hats fills me with so much joy? Sandie was kind enough to pull out her original 1947 Dior for me to lust over (it is in amazing condition , sigh) and after I told her about my Ceil Chapman wedding dress she gleefully showed me her very own Ceil Chapman; a vibrant floral wriggle dress that would look lovely on my Mum, I think.

Sandie has a pic of the dress on her blog which I include here at my own peril. Go ahead and buy it, if you must!

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Kalen said...

Absolutely stunning wedding dress!! She looks so beautiful in this dress!! Love the floral printed dress too...