Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Best Friend Forever Does Vintage

My imaginary BFF, the divine Ms Blanchett, rocked up to Australian Vogue's 50th anniversary this week in vintage Ossie Clark, sending vintage fashionistas all across the world into a flutter. As per usual she looks utterly gorgeous. I love that you never know what to expect from her style and yet she makes each and every look work in her own way. It must be a confidence thing, though her natural beauty probably doesn't hurt either (if only other 40 something beauties would eschew plastic surgery too ... Ms Blanchett is a walking advertisement for not spending money on manipulation).

Classic 70's Ossie Clark dresses are already highly collectible and in short supply. No doubt this latest red-carpet outing will push prices up even higher. Check out this gorgeous cerise two-piece Ossie dress I discovered on Enoki World.

And speaking of Enoki World, if you haven't checked out this online vintage site already, it really is worth a click. Not only do they have an enviable selection of vintage designer frocks and accessories, their product descriptions are so creative and witty, they really are miniature stories unto themselves. Here are a couple of my favourite items and a taste of their accompanying descriptions ...
Even the quickest of glances at an issue of Vogue from the 1960s reveals a tolerance for things less than perfect compared to now. You'll see girls with dirty feet in editorial spreads; blemishes, crooked teeth or a chipped manicure. And does any of it look icky? No. It is infinitely more believable than the airbrushed flawlessness we are forced to buy into now. We all know that if you pad around the house in tights with no shoes, your feet get a little dusty. So did Penelope Tree's. In a big fat Ann Demeulemeester world, less-than-pristine socks are a sort of hip accessory but we're not living in a big fat Ann Demeulemeester world, are we? We live in a world where our toenails are pedicured in the dead of winter, buried in socks. A world where a tan is not for the Seychelles-bound but for anyone who has the time to get sprayed. So what's your excuse for not being cute all the time? You don't have one unless your clothes suck.
(BTW I am completely obsessed with Hawaiian prints at the moment like this Malia dress and Alfred Shaheen too, but more on that later).

"The sun is bad for you" is a myth created by city-dwellers to make you feel guilty about living in the country, that's all. Buy a fabulous swimsuit, salve down with a tube of Bain de Soleil, bring a copy of Vogue and enjoy the summer. A splashy halter maillot for Bill Blass with a decorative front wrap panel that ties in a bow at one hip.

Summer's handbag contender - the Margaret Smith printed canvas structured tote. In the far corner, weighing in at less than a pound, dressed in the sky blue and lime trunks is the Margaret Smith handbag. In the other corner, weighing in like a wall of bricks is summer and sweltering temperatures topping 100 degrees. Ladies, when the bell rings, come out fighting.

They also have a fabulous page recommending fashion books, some of them out of print.

Clearly Cate B is Dress of the Week but I also have to mention this wonderful ensemble by Scarlett. I adore the print on her D&G blouse and her hair is Hollywood retro perfect. I could totally see myself wearing it, so am more than happy to accept Scarlett's cast-offs.
Hot shoes too.

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