Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some dapper young men ...

For a pleasant change, here are a couple of gorgeous 20-something boys dressed to the nines and looking very sexy.

Jake and his sister Maggie always look hot, and Jake's sense of style seems to be rubbing off on his girlfriend Reese now too, as she has been looking particularly lovely of late. I can't wait until the two of them make their red-carpet debut. It will happen this year, methinks, and I expect the photographers will go wild.

Jake manages to channel Gene Kelly here without looking fey. Well done him.

In Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger's case the roles have been reversed and Diane - who is most definitely a fashion girl - has been giving her good-looking boy Josh some style tips. In this photo he is rocking a cravat with confidence, which is definitely not something many young straight men can do. Diane also looks beautiful in this photo. I believe the dress is Nina Ricci.

Josh and Diane are crazy photogenic. Sigh.

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