Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Celebrity vintage and vintage inspired fabulous ensemble sightings

Rosario Dawson in a vintage looking tea length black dress. Very cute dress, not sure about the footwear or earrings.

Naomi Watts in vintage Thierry Mugler. I wouldn't wear this - I don't have the confidence to pull off the masculine suit look - but Naomi looks super hot. This was taken in Sydney the other night.
I saw Naomi and Liev one day in Bondi last year. It was rather exciting. They were making out in front of the organic fruit & veg store down on Gould Street. Alas they were sans baby that day, as their wee boy (haven't seen a pic of the new one yet) is super cute.
Ok, off topic. Moving on ...

Not sure if Drew's shift is actually 60's or just 60's inspired. Regardless, it is very cute. The print is very Gucci. Does anyone know if it is?

Amercia, the star of Ugly Betty, in a demure and very pretty vintage 50's dress. I love florals and a peplum.
Can I borrow America?

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