Monday, February 16, 2009

The many shades of Gwyneth

Gwyneth looked absolutely gorgeous in a strapless Versace mini dress at the Grammy's last week. I even loved the grey shiny tights she wore with the dress. She was photographed wearing a cardigan in a similar shade of grey throughout the night (it is winter in the northern hemisphere after all). There were some really great frocks at the Grammys, but Gwyneth stood out from a lot of the others who went a bit too pageant/formal-like. The Grammy's are meant to be the red-carpet where stars get the opportunity to be cutting edge and a bit kooky and rock the more overtly sexy looks which would look over the top at a premiere or film awards night. Gwyneth's outfit perfectly fits the spirit of the Awards while still being very chic.
The outfit that Gwyneth wore to the premiere of her new movie Two Lovers has not received quite the universal praise her Grammy's outfit did. There are a lot of Gwyneth haters out there, and I'm not going to enter into the debate as to whether she is a condescending snob/bad actress/social climbing liar etc etc, however I am willing to put myself on the line and say that, personally, I don't think this outfit is that bad. In fact, I might even love it. Individually each piece is pretty cute. I'm not totally sold on the p/leather but I do love a high waisted short and I've been known to pair them with tights in cooler weather myself. Gwyneth's icy blonde beauty suits shiny metallics, the three quarter-sleeve jacket is great (I'd love one just like it in blue or pink) and the booties are highly covetable too.
I can only conclude that it is the way she has put them all together that has freaked out the majority. The girl has got a great figure and she is working those sexy legs to her best advantage. And at least it isn't boring!

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