Friday, February 6, 2009

Dress of the Week

So after gushing over the Elie Saab couture collection, I was delighted to see actress Mischa Barton wearing a beautiful gown from him at an AIDS Benefit in Paris, held the week of the Paris couture shows. Lots of gorgeous French people, and other celebrities who regularly attend fashion shows, really pulled out all the stops to dress for this function. The photo of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson looking drop-dead cute was taken there too.
I've been dreaming about the colour of Mischa's dress for the last week. I really want some shoes that are this crisp mint green/blue colour. Good luck Louise! I know some other bloggers out there have said that Mischa looks like she has a poesy escaping from her bosom, but I think the floral applique feature is so so pretty. My Mum was a bridesmaid for her sister back in '74 and she wore a turquoise dress with a white and yellow floral applique bodice and I was always fascinated by this dress, which still resides in a cupboard at my Mum's place. It is nice to see something lovely from the 70's making a reappearance in 2009.
Speaking of which, the latest Myer catalogue ( landed in my mail-box today, with a preview of the fashions they are stocking for autumn. I had noticed walking past the mall that some of the autumn stock has already hit the shop floor, looking rather incongruous in the face of the current heatwave. It seems that a lot of the bad trends of the 70's are trying to claw their way back into vogue for the next season, with Myer trying to fool customers that smocks, fringed suede boots and coloured vinyl jackets could look good on the average joe, by sticking Jennifer Hawkins in them. I wish the Pocahontas shoes would just go away and never come back. Ditto shapeless bag dresses. If this is going to be all that the big chains have to offer over the next few months, I guess I'll be sticking with vintage.
PS I've included a photo of Vanessa Paradis at the same event - even though you can barely see her dress - because I LOVE her and I love that she is rocking a (hopefully) faux fur pink jacket and some super cute vintage looking snakeskin shoes. She makes quirky fashion choices but always looks so pretty. What a great pair of legs!

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