Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Missing in Action

I moved house on the weekend - a truly horrible experience, which after four moves in five years I am well and truly exhausted by - and am now on the other side of the Harbour Bridge, sans broadband and telephone for at least another week. How will I survive? Anyway, that is why I am and will be missing in action for sometime, although the lack of Internet access is keeping me focused on the task at hand i.e. unpacking.

You wouldn't believe all the clothes I discovered that I had completely forgotten I owned. And aren't I truly thrilled that this weekend I will be presented with the most excellent of opportunities to acquire even more, when the second Sydney Vintage Clothing Show kicks off on Friday night in Canterbury. I will definitely be there, and will be posting about it upon my return to the land of blog.

And on a completely unrelated note, has anyone seen the cover of the November issue of US Vogue? Ignoring the excess of photoshop (it seems pretty obvious that these ladies were never on the same beach together, let alone that beach, and no-one who has seen September Issue will be surprised), I just have to comment on how bewitching Marion looks in that voluminous Prada dress. It is just about gorgeous enough to distract me from Nicole Kidman's weird posture.

Down with excessive photoshop!


The Countess said...

I totally agree with your Vogue cover slag off! The cover is all a bit well... bewitching isn't it? All the women look a little uninspiring and bored don't they?! Bad photoshopping, bad posing, bad background... it definitely didn't convince me to buy this month's copy.

Louise said...

I don't know what Anna Wintour is doing with her covers. They are all so samey samey of late and too photoshopped. I know a lot of the celebrities these days demand that level of touching up ... more power to returning models to the covers of fashion mags I say. Aussie Vogue has much better covers.
Thanks for your comment.

Madeleine Miranda said...

Good luck with the move!