Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Moving house always has me mooning over furniture and home wares. As well as being an avid collector of vintage fashion, I'm also an occasional collector of retro and antique bits and bobs. The betrothed calls them my "clutter" as like many a bloke he tends to be a fan of minimal post-modern furniture or big, dark manly antique items made of now endangered types of wood. Basically the kind of thing that wouldn't look out of place in Jimmy Stewart's study.

The fact that I'm drawn to pastel, flowery and cutesy objects probably doesn't help. I tend to find these collectibles at flea markets and antique stores or my Mum, a big fan of antique collectibles, picks them up for me on her travels.

My Mum gave me this set of antique miniature vases, that have their own set of wooden shelves, as a 26th birthday present, and it is still one of my absolute favourite possessions.

The lovely blogger Gaia from Alices-Adventures in Wonderland just introduced me to this fabulously well put together Etsy store called Trampoline. Trampoline offers unique antique and retro finds for home and life, some for practical use and some for collection and decoration. And they are all presented and photographed so beautifully. Check these out:

I picked the Dutch dishcloth because being a half Dutchie myself, I'm always drawn to quaint memorabilia from the land of windmills and delicious cheese. I've already got a nice little collection of Delft Blue china and some rather twee Dutch dolls and old postcards.
My new flat has a much smaller kitchen but pretty much all the other rooms are larger (hooray). The happy result is I have more space to fill-up with cool things. With a wedding coming up the likelihood of those spaces filling up in the next six months or so is pretty slim, but meanwhile I can daydream about how great one of these groovy mid-century modernist bookcases or perhaps this styling coffee table would look in my new abode.

They are all from Bikini Furniture at the Sydney Antiques Centre. Not so far from my hairdresser, where I'll just happen to be on Saturday. Hmmm ...