Sunday, May 23, 2010

Frock of the Week: Euro Chic

A German actress (Diane Kruger) wearing an Italian designer (Giambattista Valli) in the South of France. I'm loving the darkly dramatic bead work on the bodice and the contrast with the pretty pink mini-skirt. Nice pins too!
It is worth mentioning again that Diane doesn't have a stylist, which is almost unheard of in the film business. Even Cate Blanchett and the Olsen twins have stylists.
Diane is holding hands with French actress Ludivine Sagnier, with whom she is starring in a new flick called Lily Sometimes. I wonder if it will be showing at the Sydney Film Festival? Now that the Writers' Festival has finished for another year, I really need to check out the programme.
Thanks to Just Jared for the pic.


laurakitty said...

That outfit is the ultimate in chic. It helps too that she is absolutely stunning.

style said...

wow lovely pictures all are soo cute

maggie said...

i love that outfit 10x better than the oscar chanel dress in my opinion. also did you see diane in "inglourious basterds"? if not you must, she was great in it!