Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heavenly Nostalgia

I've been super skint of late; so much so that I've even resisted window shopping. However after an energy draining full day meeting today, and finally with a few dollars in my pocket (oh the pain of being paid monthly), I decided to reward myself with the latest airfreight edition of UK Vogue.
The June issue, with Angela Lindvall on the cover, features the most gorgeous editorial shot by Javier Vallhonrat, styled by UK Vogue Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers and starring classic patrician beauty Shalom Harlow.
Shalom is perfect for this nostalgic shoot which recalls glamorous 50s beauties like Deborah Kerr and Hitchcock heroines Janet Leigh and Tippi Hedren.

Summer's subtle off-hues and bold prints - fierce leopard spots, demure florals and beach-scene stripes - boast a Fifties nostalgia. It's time to dress up and think big: big hair, big sandals and big costume jewels.

I'm loving the socks and sandals combo and the return to lady-like bags that aren't half the size of a hungry starlet. I particularly love the Beatrix Ong for Liberty bag in the second last pic. It's a style that would be very easy to emulate with a good rummage around a vintage fair.

There's another gorgeous shoot in the June issue with Angela Lindvall looking all summery in Cuba + there is a fascinating story about Hollywood's super stylists and a 50 year retrospective of influential photographer David Bailey. Some pretty pictures, but he does comes across as an egocentric misogynist in the interview. A relic of a forgotten age I'd say, when it was still desirable to be seen on the arm of a genius. As far as I'm concerned (and this is coming from someone who works with many gifted writers), talent does not cancel out insensitivity. Or responsibility.

There is a behind-the-scenes video from the Vallhonrat shoot on the UK Vogue website.


Lily Lemontree said...

Just loved this shoot and Shalom Harlow is almost unrecognizable in these images!

tonypark said...

Noice. No sandals and socks if you come to Africa, though. It's a hanging offence.

Glamoursurf said...

I love the frock in your last image!!!