Saturday, May 29, 2010

Loving These Romantic Images ...

Of British actress Gemma Arterton in the June issue of In Style. These images not only show off her gorgeous hourglass figure - she has a waist and hips! - but her piercingly beautiful face too. The retro boudoir theme works really well, and I was excited to see her wearing a bra from British label What Katie Did in the pic above. Their comprehensive faux vintage collection could well be the best in the business; check out their site for corsets, bullet bras, retro swimwear, luxe slips and more.

Did anyone else watch Gemma in the most recent adaptation of Tess of the D'Urbevilles? Nastassja Kinski has a face that is hard to live up to, but I think Gemma did a sterling job. I actually really enjoyed the adaptation, despite knowing full well how the depressing the outcome of the story was going to be.

For some more Thomas Hardy action, I can also recommend the Mayor of Casterbridge starring Ciaran Hinds. I watched it on a sick day recently and even hubby managed to get drawn in by Hardy's compelling story telling abilities.

I do love me a good period drama.


Dulcie Emerson said...

She's incredible. It would be nice if more woman appreciated the power of the curves instead of believing the paper-thin pre-pubescent 15 year old catwalk models are the true paragons of female beauty!

And I love period dramas too!

Anonymous said...