Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hot Pink Vintage

I died and went to heaven today when I saw this photograph of Kristin Davis at the New York premiere of Sex and the City 2. The dress is a 1950s Jean Desses care of Decades in LA and is a vintage (and pink) lovers dream.
This is the third time in as many weeks that Kristin has worn vintage on the red-carpet. The first time was her breathtaking Balmain at the White House Correspondents dinner. Then she wore vintage Rochas to the Met Ball (below), and now she's delighted us with 50s couture perfection. She looks so happy in it too.

Actresses tend to choose the latest designers because dead designers don't pay so well (and can't get you lucrative advertising gigs), so I was interested to discover who Kristin's stylist is. It turns out it's New York Magazine fashion editor Elizabeth Stewart, who also styles Amanda Seyfried, Leslie Mann, Calista Flockhart and fashion queen Cate B. So Kristin is in good company.
Calista is often seen in vintage on the red-carpet too.
Here is a pic of Kristin at the premiere with David Silver, owner of Decades, and Elizabeth Stewart.

I've gushed over Jean Desses many times before, but if you are interested in seeing what you can buy right now from the designer, I found these two stunners at Torso Vintage and The Frock respectively. Torso Vintage is asking US$3,500 for their evening gown, which is not unlike Kristin's, and is characterised by Desses' divine draping. While that amount would pretty much clean me out for a month and having me lining up for a soup kitchen, I actually think it is pretty fair for such a collectible piece, especially if you consider that Jennifer Lopez reportedly paid US$25,000 (!) for the Desses she wore to the 2006 Oscars.

Hers was purchased from the renowned Lily et Cie in LA, and you can read a bit more about that store in this interesting NY Times article.

I doubt the formidable Rita Watnick would ever start a blog. That would make her vintage couture accessible to the great unwashed, after all.


BaronessVonVintage said...

Oh, I think vintage suits K's chic style perfectly! Great to see! That is a perfectly pink dress, isn't it?

Lily Lemontree said...

I adore this dress on her! The colour is just fabulous, she always looks so chic!

Miss Rayne said...

who could NOT be happy in desses? (sigh)

maggie said...

love the dress very chic. also don't see the movie! very bad and nothing like the old SATC