Monday, May 10, 2010

The Wedding Photos Are In: The Details

The hubby and I collected our wedding photos from Sebastian T Photography yesterday. Such a happy occasion ... it almost makes up for the fact that I am battling a horrible cold.

I have the opportunity now to plug all the wonderful people/organisations that helped to create the bridal party outfits. It was so much fun pulling everything together that I can't help continuing the search for beautiful pieces. I hope I'm not driving my engaged friends mad!

Rebecca's bejewelled purse was discovered by my mother-in-law at the Rozelle markets.

And mine was discovered at the Sydney Antique Centre. It is 1970s, but in my eyes it is timeless.

The floral arrangements Naomi Jones created for the bridal part were divine. I provided her with a colour chart and asked her to stick to the "vintage Hawaiian" theme and then gave her free reign. The results were spectacular.

The hair clips, earrings and brooch that Rebecca and I wore were found at this fabulous site called Accessories of Old. Based out of Maryland in the US, they have a huge collection of new old costume jewellery, and all the items I bought were from the Czech Republic circa 1950s. They all arrived on their original cards, and my wedding was their first ever outing.

Rebecca's dress is a vintage reproduction we picked up at Sandie Bizy's in Annandale. She looks utterly gorgeous in peach and she wore a crinoline underneath the frock to give it that beautiful volume.

My dress was an Etsy purchase from Timeless Vixen Vintage's store. I've just noticed that they've uploaded another 1950s Ceil Chapman, and for fans of the designer, I can assure you I was completely happy with mine. I also think I got it for a pretty reasonable price. I've seen some Ceil's for sale at $1,500 ... my dress cost less than the hubby's suit! And I've yet to see another one like it.

A look at my hair clip, earrings and brooch. I tried my best to stick with a pastel theme for my whole outfit, and chose colours that complemented the silvery blue of my frock's sash.

I bought my delicate baby blue gloves the week before the wedding from Sandie Bizy's. I think they gave my outfit that final element of ladylike polish, plus made me feel special.

Rebecca and I wore the same fabric covered shoes from Wittner. The bows provided a nice synergy with the bow on my dress.

A big thanks again to Sebastian and Lee for the photos. What a tremendous wedding gift. I will never forget the generosity of our friends.


E. Driscoll said...

Oh golly Louise, everything is just so beautiful! All was just so well picked.

(That's a pretty dashing groom you managed to rustle up for the day too :P )

Lily Lemontree said...

You were such a stunning bride, so beautiful!
Such gorgeous pictures!

what are they wearing now said...

Congratulations on your marriage Louise. You looked beautiful. That was a delightful dress and suited you very much. Loved the bridesmaid dress also. The groom scrubbed up very well.