Friday, June 4, 2010

As the rain buckets down, I dream of sun ...

and tropical print dresses, clear blue water and hours with no phone calls and no plans.
To cheer myself on this wintry and wet evening, I gaze at this gorgeous image of one of my all time favourite models; the cute as pie and supremely elegant Jean Patchett.
Loads more photos of the lovely lady can be found over at My Vintage Vogue, plus Jean now has an entire website devoted to her substantial body of work.
Irving Penn called her "a young American Goddess of Parisian couture."
And while I won't be taking any black pumps with me when I visit Fiji next month (I think my snorkeling gear might be a little more useful), my vision for my trip definitely resembles this 1949 photo.
Love the dress. Fingers crossed for no cyclones.


The Allure House said...

Loved it.

maggie said...

love the pic and the dress too! OH, you have to go parasailing while in fiji. i did it when i went there 4 years ago and it was so much fun!