Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful Things

I spent the Queen's birthday long weekend up north at my parents place. Whenever I head up there I always make plans to catch-up on work, blogging, writing and such but once I arrive I'm struck down by a malaise that sees me barely leave the couch.

Luckily this time I did manage to leave the house for the annual Port Macquarie quilt show and I wore my recently purchased green cashmere sweater, which suits my most treasured brooch - a 1940s reverse carved Lucite creation and a gift from the hubby - to a tee.

Isn't my beautiful little birdy sweet?

My Mum had a quilt in the show for the first time; although it was hard to get a decent photo, it is the green, red and gold wall hanging with the geisha's.
The whole show was really impressive, so for the crafty types and lovers of beautiful things generally, here are a few more quilts that caught my fancy. The one at the bottom won the people's choice prize.


E. Driscoll said...

I popped you an email re studio brides.

Love your brooch!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following me!

Love your lucite brooch! I bought one a few weeks back from a vintage shop in Abergavenny that my mum volunteers at. It's a heart shape with flowers inside.

Corinne xx

Bree said...

your brooch is very lovely! you look very pretty green is a wonderful color on you.

HUzzah! Vintage said...

green is a great color on you ~ and THAT brooch!