Friday, June 11, 2010

Love for Lulu

No, this isn't a blog post about self love, and nor is it a rave over Lulu Guinness, although she does make some pretty cute handbags. Rather this post is a gush about the terribly addictive blog, LuLu's Vintage.
LuLu provides an overview of what is going on in the wonderful world of online vintage, alerting browsing addicts such as myself to new sellers, fantastic items and great sales, as well as posting on vintage inspired modern duds and profiling a bunch of vintage loving people.
LuLu also runs a hugely popular yearly poll on the best vintage sites: there is a top 10 as selected by the very clever lady herself, plus a people's choice top 10, which I actually voted in.
If you are trying not to spend money online, perhaps don't hop on over, although there is no harm in window shopping, right?
The winner this year has just been announced as Canadian seller Shrimpton Couture. It isn't hard to see why; the glamorous Cherie stocks a well edited selection of vintage - including some highly collectible designer items - and each piece could transition seamlessly into a modern wardrobe. The presentation is fab and I love a site that has a newly added section.
Here are a few of my favourite things ...

1930s scenic printed silk gown

1940s striped silk taffeta dress

1940s Kamehameha

1960s pin tuck Mexican dress

1950s fabulous fitted sarong dress

The People's Choice Award was won by Mill Crest Vintage, which LuLu has just introduced me to. Based in New Jersey, Mill Crest has a particularly lovely collection of vintage party dresses, Here are a few more favourites from the site:

1940s small print cotton day dress


what are they wearing now said...

Gorgeous dresses thank. Just saw your comment on my blog regarding the vintage 50s floral dresses. Thank you very much. I will be listing them very shortly and would much appreciate your putting them on your blog.
Best wishes.

The Countess said...

I adore the Shrimpton Couture site and you're so right about its beautiful presentation.
P.S. That 1950's watercolor party dress is TO DIE FOR xx