Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coat of the Week: Lady in Yellow

I'm currently fighting off a flu and while I spent the morning on the couch completely engrossed in the 24 hour media coverage of the labour leadership spill, our Governor Generals sartorial brilliance did not go unnoticed.
I've long admired Quentin Bryce's style (hooray she loves colour!) and she looked particularly gorgeous today in this long wool suit with a violet flower brooch.
Our first female Governor General swearing in our first female PM; all politics aside, today was a symbolically important one.

At RAFW my colleague Eliza and I spyed a woman wearing this Lisa Ho mustard coat and we've been in lust ever since. Alas Lisa Ho is a little out of my price range right now, so I just had a quick trawl of Etsy to check out some yellow-tastic vintage numbers which are a little more budget friendly.

From LizsVintageSoffita there is this delicious 40s coat; from TractorDog you can buy a very mod 60s number; and FabGabs camel mohair 60s suit is all kinds of woolly goodness.
I'm loving sunny yellow as the perfect antidote to winter blues.


Anonymous said...

Yellow's cool! It remembers me of The Beatles' song ''Yellow Submarine'' :))

Amy B.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

You and I had the exact same thoughts on the splended yellow coat and violet flower brooch! Every time she came on the tv I would poke David so he could see just how awesome her yellow coat was.

Fingers crossed I'm that stylish when I'm older :)

Oh, and I know you are boycotting, but I thought I'd ask anyway :) Ellen and I are going to see SATC2 in a few weeks time, dinner and a movie :) Let me know if you are interested!


Anonymous said...

Yellow is the best! In the past 12 months I have accrued a wardrobe of yellow t-shirts, and whenever I put on my yellow underpants, my spirits soar.

what are they wearing now said...

I've always loved the way Quentin Bryce has retained her femininity in the way she has dressed. She has never felt the need to get into the mannish power-suits while still looking uber-elegant and dressing appropriately. I think for her it is inherent.

tonypark said...

Noice, but was the hairdresser thinking when he picked that shirt and tie (or did the other half pick it for him!).