Sunday, May 17, 2009

The best of Cannes so far

After Natalie Portman and Cate B wowed me with their red-carpet outfits at Cannes last year, I had been enthusiastic to see the ensembles that 2009 would produce. Thankfully I haven't been disappointed.
The great thing about Cannes is that it isn't just Hollywood actresses in attendance but stylish (and stylishly rich) ladies from all over Asia, Europe and beyond (including Australia ... but more on that later). These actresses - like Isabelle Huppert and Asia Argento, above - are more willing to take risks with their dress and the result is a stimulating parade of the best of current haute couture.

I loved this Armani Prive dress when I saw it on the runway and I was so hoping I'd see someone wearing it this year. The print is wild and I love a bell shape and - how useful - it has pockets too! The only thing is I think this dress is a little too long for Asia and it might have suited a more dramatic hairstyle. Thoughts?

Isabelle Huppert is wearing Armani too and looks ravishing. Featuring two of my current fancies - lace and scalloping - what is there not to love about this frock?

You know how there are some celebrities who, even though you've never met them and barely know anything about them, just grate on you? Well Eva Longoria is one of those for me. Could it be because she is friends with Posh and Katie Holmes and her style is usually yawnworthy? Quite possibly. But despite my completely unfounded dislike, I'm including Eva this time around because her Atelier Versace gown is that amazing. I'd love to see this one up close and touch it. And that silvery blue is such a flattering colour.

Elizabeth Banks has been wowing the crowds and funnily I don't really remember her red-carpet appearances ever making an impression on me previously. The girl must have hired a new stylist or something or perhaps she's just about to hit the big-time. The black Andrew Gn is va va voom sexy and and the red Armani Prive (Armani has been super popular thus far) is outstanding.

Robin Wright Penn is stunning in Elie Saab. This dress is from 2007 and some sites are referring to it as "vintage" which grates on me no-end. Since when is a two-year old dress vintage? I abide by the old adage that anything older than 25 years (which is up to the early 80's) is "vintage" and anything post that is "second-hand". However, as far as I'm concerned, a dress from 2007 is just something I've still got in my closet that I bought a litle while ago. I'm still wearing some pieces I bought eight or nine years ago and I certainly wouldn't consider them vintage.
Grumble grumble and groan.
Anyway enough of my ranting and lets get back to the beautiful frocks. Model/actress Devon Aoki hasn't put a foot wrong so far. The blue dress is Alberta Ferretti and the yellow is Cavalli and they are both superbly elegant. Love the draping on the Ferretti.

And lastly I couldn't not mention Aussie actress Abbie Cornish who is - snaps to her - wearing Aussie designer Toni Maticevski. I love the colour on this dress and although there is a bit too much going on for my liking - hard to believe, coming from me - she does look beautiful. It is a bit of a pity she got slightly upstaged at her own premiere by Eva's arresting Versace vision.
I had to include her with her co-star Ben Whishaw as I thought he was fab as Sebastian in the latest adaptation of Brideshead Revisited. I was a big fan of the book and the original series with Anthony Andrews and went to watch the new flick with some hesitation, but I absolutely loved it, and was particularly blown away by Ben and Emma Thompson.
Ben and Abbie's new film is called Bright Star and is about John Keats' romance with a woman called Fanny (Cornish) prior to his early death and is directed by Jane Campion. The planets are all aligning there for me, so I can't wait to see it.

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