Sunday, May 10, 2009

Inspiration (part 2)

Further to my current obsession will all things lacy and bridal, I found this gorgeous 60's chiffon wedding dress with lace appliques on Etsy (check it out) and I sent it across to Mum before I popped it in my inspiration folder. She pointed out that it uncannily resembles her sister's wedding gown from the mid seventies - see pic below of my Aunt Denise and my Mum as her bridesmaid in a very groovy aqua floral lace applique dress herself.

Mum actually still has this gown and I played dress-ups in it quite often when I was a kid. Don't they both look gorgeous?

I was then reminded of Elizabeth Taylor's influential Edith Head ball-gown from the billiard room party scene in A Place in the Sun. Edith Head won an Oscar for Costume design for this movie and Elizabeth's dress was no doubt hugely influential at the time on bridal and prom gown design. Ain't she so pretty? And Monty too? He was such a big spunk. This movie is worth watching just to stare at them, though the melodrama is pretty entertaining as well.

I even discovered that there is a Liz Taylor doll featuring a miniature replica of the dress. Rob Pattinson isn't the only one frozen in time in vinyl, forever young and beautiful and really, really small (I saw the Edward from Twilight doll the other day at Borders, and it kind of freaked me out).

And even funnier - on You Tube I found a video someone had spliced together featuring the most romantic scenes from A Place in the Sun set to Total Eclipse of the Heart, my all time favourite karaoke song (followed closely behind by the Gunners Sweet Child O' Mine - I was a child in the eighties after all). It was also highly entertaining and very, very odd.

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