Friday, May 29, 2009

Foxy ladies of yesteryear

My friend Michael's beloved grandmother Beverly passed away recently. Beverly was a seamstress, originally from Melbourne, and an all round stylish and special lady. Michael tells me she even worked for well-known label Saba in its first incarnation in the 1960's.

Michael was lovely enough to send me a few photos of his grandmother so I can share them and we can all marvel at some vintage clothes back in their original habitats & when they were the cutting edge of fashion.

A gorgeous suit with fitted jacket.

They must be off to a dance or club in their chic fur coats.

I love photographs of old resort/swimwear. The styles from the 40's and 50's were so sexy, which I guess explains the enduring popularity of pin-up images from that era.

Beverly is fourth from the left on the bottom row.

So pretty.

Love the shoes!

Nice shoes, nice hat and I love the pose.

And of course Beverly on her wedding day. The bouquet is amazing! I don't think mine will be quite that big somehow.
More foxy ladies of yesteryear to follow as I'm planning on uploading a few photos of my own maternal grandmother Dulcie. My grandmother has always been a fashionista - and a talented dressmaker - and I've been told she is giving me some Spinnelli suits to sell on E-bay when I visit her in a couple of weeks.
Also stay tuned for some E-bay listings soon. It is time for a serious cleaning out of my closet/flat in general (as my clothes live everywhere).
And for regular "senior" style updates don't forget to check out the fantastic blog Advanced Style.

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