Friday, May 8, 2009

Best of The Met Costume Institute Ball

I know I'm a bit late in getting my picks in from the red-carpet madness that is the Met Ball, but my betrothed and I did our download limit for the month, and I've been waiting patiently for the next month to tick over.

My overall impression of The Met Ball was a wee bit disappointing. As per The Oscars, I felt like people fell into two camps - the try too hards and the not try hard enoughs. The try too hards are actually quite hilarious though and their antics certainly don't harm them when it comes to getting coverage in the mainstream press (Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale anyone??).
Meanwhile, here are my picks from the evening ...
Style-meisters the world over are gushing over the fact that Ashley Olsen can make a sheet look amazing and I have to concur. This dress is from her own label The Row and I think she looks very chic. The dress actually has a very open back, giving it a sexy 70's edge. I'm a bit over the Olsens wearing over-sized outfits which seem to only accentuate their smallness, but I'm forgiving Ashley this time. Cute boyfriend too!

I'm not entirely sure about Anne's hair - a shade too reminiscent of her Brokeback Mountain character perhaps - but I'm digging her cute Marc Jacobs mini-dress. The colour looks great on her.

You could argue that Elizabeth Hurley belongs in the try too hard basket, but regardless of her oft over-dressing, there is no denying this Elie Saab dress is simply spectacular. I would love to see this one up close and personal; such a fairy princess dress.
I'm including my betrothed's girlfriend January because, quite simply, she looks HOT in this Michael Kors gold disco dress, with her sexy bed hair. Short dresses were a very common theme on this years red-carpet, as they've been a common theme on the catwalk the last couple of seasons, and January has managed to go short without looking too cocktail. I love her.

Stella McCartney dressed three of her besties for the ball this year - Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth - and while I'm not a massive fan of Stella's label, how super cute does Stella look in her lace jumpsuit? I love a jumpsuit and this one is really unique with the scalloped neckline and shiny sash. Liv looks great in her flattering blue dress and Kate Hudson is channeling her Mum Goldie in her bedazzling halter-neck. Not such a fan of her dress I must say.
Kate Bosworth was one of the highlights of the night, I think, with her classic Hollywood glam black dress with beautiful sheer lace detailing. Great hair and make-up too - the perfect package.
One of the fashion packs golden girls, Lou Doillon is wearing a fabulous - and rather fabulously revealing - Nina Ricci dress. I only wish she had worn some jewellery too, but I guess she isn't really a frou frou kind of girl.

Rhianna was on a lot of people's worst dressed lists but I don't honestly think she'll be bothered. She has her own unique style, as befits a young pop-star, and I think her puff sleeved D&G tuxedo is very brave and pretty sexy. Are the humongous puff sleeves blinding me to the outfits true awfulness? Quite possibly. But she is staying on my best dressed list regardless.

My Diane can do no wrong. If I was Karl Lagerfield's muse, I too would have totally jumped at the chance to wear this white lace appliqued Chanel Couture mini-dress. Whenever I see a photo of Diane and Josh I point it out to my dear heart and ask why can't this be us? And he responds that it isn't us because we aren't rich and probably never will be. He is ever the realist. I will have to contend myself with being Diane's celebrity equivalent ... in my dreams.

Could Marion be the best of the night? Highly probable. How could anyone not love Marion's pink strapless fish-tail Dior which hugs her in all the right places. And her hair! And her clutch! And her make-up! And her all round drop-dead gorgeousness. Divine, divine, divine.

And while the mainstream press focused on the more familiar faces of actresses and singers, the theme of this year's ball was actually the Model as Muse so many of the current crop of faces, plus top models of the past, were at the show representing designers and generally being effortlessly chic and gorgeous. Not all mind you. There was a lot of matching of shoe and dress colour this year, which I'm not a huge fan of, and Cindy Crawford took it to the extreme by matching her dress, shoes and bag. And the dress was tacky as it was anyway. But then again Cindy has never been known as a particularly stylish model, unlike my Milla who was wearing a Marni dress which I didn't completely love, but I did admire the interesting neckline. And as per usual, she looks beautiful.

Australian model Catherine McNeil - so, so beautiful and harking back to the glory days of the late 80's and early 90's supermodel - looked ravishing in Mouret. I'm starting to believe that asymmetrical dresses look flattering on everyone, although there would be no danger of anything making Catherine look bad. I kind of want her dress.

Not surprisingly I adore Eva Herzigova's D&G corset dress. FYI this is exactly the length I want my wedding dress to be. That is, long enough to cover the knees and look dressed up, but short enough to show off a nicely turned out ankle and hot pair of heels. And she is certainly rocking a particularly amazing shoe.

Iman = stunning. And can I have David's number please?

I am a big Jessica Stam fan (unlike my mate Liana, another model groupie like me, who doesn't understand what the fuss is about) and I think she looks gorgeous in this Rodarte mini. I'm really digging the colour scheme here and her whole look is spot on.

Claudia Schiffer completely wowed me - and most of the world, I suspect - in this Versace cut-out couture dress. Jessica Biel wore a similar Versace dress but hers didn't have quite the impact of this one, and personally I can't bring myself to include her on my blog.

And finally there is Kate, ambassador for the evening, walking the carpet with Marc Jacobs while wearing Marc Jacobs. My former assistant, the stylish Miss Hannah, thinks she looks like rubbish in this outfit. Myself, a former Kate worshipper who has somewhat lost that loving feeling over the last few years, is quite enamoured of her outfit, and most particularly the turban. Kate is definitely a cut above the average in the style stakes, and pulls this look off with aplomb. Love the knot in the back of the dress.

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