Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cool Links

Consistently enjoyable author Sarah Water's has rated a mention on Jezebel and it looks like I'm not the only fan. Her new book The Little Stranger is a ghost story - a nod to Henry James methinks - and I can't wait to read it.

Dujour Magazine's special vintage issue is out now so if you are a vintage fan you should definitely check it out. I almost feel inclined to order a copy (it is an Internet mag with only 1,000 printed copies produced per issue), but I think that would be a little indulgent. I'm already drowning in magazines with the boy forcing me to do regular culls.

Check out these gorgeous bridesmaids dresses on blog Coco + Kelley. This almost makes me want to have bridesmaids, but I'm determined not to change my mind. Love all the balloons at the reception too. Definitely the look I want for my wedding reception (which is now booked for a daggy surf life-saving club hall with amazing views over the ocean) and pastels will be the go methinks.
I spent part of Saturday at the beautician at Bondi Junction and then shopping in Paddington and I have become increasingly appalled by the number of young woman wearing leggings/tights as a substitute to pants. This is grating on me so much that I even had a dream the other night that I was screaming at a bunch of young women in tights to please put some pants on because I could see EVERYTHING. Maybe the young male whippersnappers of today like this look but more likely they are equally as bemused as I am as this is one craze that looks good on girls with thighs like Miranda Kerr but looks rubbish on virtually EVERYONE else. Can you tell I'm really angry about this?

I would estimate that 50% of the women under 30 I saw shopping today were wearing them (with the obligatory white T-shirt and black blazer on top) and close to 70% of the girls under 25 were. Forget swine flu, no pants wearing is an epidemic.

The Sydney Morning Herald had a great editorial on this fashion crime last weekend and my mate Michael pointed out the hilarious blog Tights are not Pants to me. Check out the manifesto. There is also another American blog called Leggings are not Pants featuring photos of pant less crimes. I tell you what, they could have a field day in the Eastern Suburbs at the moment.

Back in the eighties/early nineties I was known to wear leggings but I always wore a very very long jumper or sweatshirt over the top which virtually reached my knees, so no-one could tell what kind of underwear I was sporting. All the ladies of today have made their underwear choices very clear to all and sundry and disturbingly it looks like many of these legging lovers are going without. This is not alright and not okay ladies. How about a nice pair of jeans or a pretty skirt and some opaques? Or at least a tunic top which covers the essentials? Now where is the harm in that?

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