Monday, May 11, 2009

Dress of the Week

Due to Costume Institute madness I've been remiss in my dress of the week duties. Overwhelmed by stylish ladies wearing designer dresses left, right and centre, it took some stamina to trawl through images not from The Ball and select THREE dresses to tie for first. Oh, and I'm almost into the next week ... oops.

Anyway, Audrey Tatou looked so gorgeous out and about promoting her new Chanel ad and I couldn't choose between her two flattering outfits. I just caught her new Chanel No. 5 advertisement the other night actually and I thought it was pleasantly mood evoking. If I wore perfume, it just might make me go out and buy it. Audrey looks very pretty too.

Her first dress is Marni and the yellow one is, suitably, Chanel. The girl knows about the advantages of a cinched waist when it comes to making the best of ones figure.

The third dress for the week is Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer's vintage haute couture Dior. When she is done with it, I'd be quite happy for her to pass it on to me. After all, she can hardly wear it to another premiere, right?

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